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Just keeping on, keeping on

Finished the book. Still doing some minor final tweaking before sending it off to the publisher. Absolute deadline Feb. 1, 2013. With luck it will sell and be available for sale soon.

I have a couple of sequels to this one planned. Still need to finish the Western, and the SF novels that I've got started.

Maybe I'll get more writing done, now that I'm officially unemployed and writing is my only source of income at the moment. Which means I need to write faster, edit even quicker, and start bringing in more writing income.

At least I'm down to less than a half dozen jobs now: Full time baby-sitter for my soon to be four-year-old grand-baby, chief cook and bottle washer, errand runner, and part time nursery care at church.

Oh yeah, and full-time writer!

Or at least full-time writer between the baby-sitting, cooking, dish-washing, errand running, nursery, laundry, occasional minimal house work, and the words of the King, etc. etc. etc.

Due to decreased income I will be…