Friday, September 28, 2012

Achievable writing goals

I believe in setting achievable writing goals.

That doesn't mean I settle for less. It means I am usually fully aware of my present abilities; therefore I am usually fully aware of which goals are actually within my reach, and which ones are beyond reach from my current position. With each achievement I set the bar a little higher for the next project. 

For years I was a closet writer. Most of what I wrote sucked and I wouldn't let anyone else read what I had written –because it sucked. Like learning to play a musical instrument, I got better with practice and finally allowed a few trusted friends to read and critique my stories. 

Eventually I joined a writing group, took a couple of classes, and attended workshops and conferences. As I learned writing technique and honed my skills I started entering contest. Then I started winning contest. 

Finally I got secure enough in my skills as a writer to submit my work to publishers. I've had a few short stories, fillers, and flash fiction pieces published. 

Like most writers I've been working on a couple of novels –forever. I've even finished a few; and promptly burned them. I'm currently working on a Paranormal Romance Novel. I don't intend to burn this one. My goal is to see it in print in the not too distant future.

But, first, I have to finish it. The first draft was easy. I wrote it in about three months. Unfortunately I've been editing it ever since. 

I've set a goal to finish the final pre-submission edits in 31 days. I just finished day 3 and all is well. I'm ahead of schedule at the moment. Of course I know progress will slow down dramatically about halfway through the book. 

As I said, I believe in setting achievable goals. And I believe I can achieve this one. 

The trick to setting achievable goals is simply not to set them so far beyond your limits that it would be a miracle to achieve them, and to realize that every achievement along the way is a miracle in itself. Aim high but remember to climb the latter one rung at a time. 

Day 4 of the climb has begun.

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