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Back from the black

For those who didn't even notice I was gone, I'm back.

My husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer last February and passed away four months later June 21, 2013. I soldiered on the first few months fulfilling speaking engagements and attending conferences and conventions that were already on my schedule before crashing into the black oblivion of widowhood.

The last few months I've wallowed in my grief. My mourning period is not yet over  but at least I've finally reached the point where I have accepted that it isn't necessary for me to roll over and die just because he did. Believe me the thought did cross my mind. I'm still bitter and have abandonment issues.

When I realized I hadn't written anything or updated my own website or the Norman Galaxy website in over six months I also realized it is time to start breathing again.

Yes, there is life after death. Life goes on for those our loved ones leave behind.

So I'm crawling out from under the death shroud. I'm not willing to toss the shroud aside yet, or adorn myself in bright new red silks, but I am ready to peak out from beneath one corner, take a deep breath, and force myself back into my life. Now, if only I could remember where I left it.

It's time to get back to work, get some work finished, and get serious about selling my work. I got off to a good start this week spending hours at the pub polishing up the werewolf book, working on a couple of new stories for the OWFI Contest (deadline Feb 1, 2014) and making notes for future stories. 

I've also started journaling. Ian gave me a 'River Song Journal' for Christmas. (Not the ridiculously overpriced leather one, I had requested the less expensive hard cover knock off). I've never been disciplined enough to keep a journal for more than a few weeks, so we'll see how it goes.

In an effort to get the writing career back on track I plan to attend the upcoming Norman Galaxy of Writers meeting Jan 11, 2014 at the University Lutheran Center, on Elm at 10 AM. Y'all come.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday season and Happy New Year.

My only resolution for 2014: WRITE, WRITE, WRITE.

Hope you will be doing the same.


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