Saturday, April 1, 2017

Writer's Workshop

Recently, I had an opportunity to judge a local Fan Fiction Writing Contest sponsored by Southern Oaks Library. The talent exhibited by the young authors participating in the competition was impressive and humbling. 

The awards will be presented, Saturday, April 01, 2017.

As a part of the Writing Program offered by Southern Oaks Library, I will be presenting a Writing Workshop: Story Building Blocks: The ABCs of Story Structure 

Saturday, April 08, 2017

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Learn everything you need to know about the craft of Story Structure, and how to build ANY story in 15 easy steps. Then actually build a story, from beginning to end.  Ages: 15 & up.

Whether you write Non-Fiction, Fan-Fiction, Genre fiction, Short Stories or Epic Novels, Story Building Blocks: The ABCs of Story Structure will guide you through a Three Act Story Structure you can use, as a blueprint for building a strong foundation, for every story you write.  

Meeting Room A

Southern Oaks Library
6900 S. Walker Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73139

13 spots remaining

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