Sunday, August 25, 2013

Killer Nashhville Conference worth the trip

Miss D and I had a wonderful time at Killer Nashville. I guarantee we'll be back.

Miss Dion and D. P. Lyle

D. P. Lyle is an amazing speaker. He's humorous and very educational. He certainly knows how to tell a story. I'm now one of his newest fans, but I know he earned several new fans this weekend.

Anne Perry's melodious voice and entertaining sense of humor made it a joy to listen to her talk about writing three books a year. I so wanna be like Anne.

Deni Dietz voiced an interest in seeing both mine and Miss Dion's manuscripts. We've been doing happy dances all weekend. But I suspect Miss D may be using some creative body disposal methods we learned this weekend. She's threatening to stock up on meat tenderizer in the event that I get a book deal first.

We're heading home tomorrow with a lot of new ideas and inspiration. But first we did a little sight seeing in Nashville.