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  Wrote 1,750 words today.  Swept and mopped the kitchen and dinning room floors before  Ian brought Midas over around 6 PM. Ian never got around to taking Midas to the vet. He thinks he's okay, even though he still isn't eating much. Ian didn't look well. He looked puny, like he's lost weight since Tuesday.  He complained his throat hurts too much when he swallows, so he isn't eating well.  He also complained about being really tired, not having any energy. Covid sucks. It's 9:30 PM and I'm ready for bed. Midas suddenly started barking at the front door. Ian did not lock it when he left. So I've been sitting here all this time with an unlocked door.   I've been out in the backyard several times . Someone could have slipped in and hidden in one of the bedrooms . Surely Midas would be throwing a much bigger fit if a stranger was inside the house. He doesn't look worried. Neither am I. 

A Kick in the Balls

The day started off on a high note. The espresso machine is invigorating. Temps didn't reach 100 before noon. The dog didn't eat breakfast, but he seems feisty enough. And, I was celebrating writing 3,336 words last night.   Then my son tested positive for COVID. Again. His dentist's office routinely checks all their patients before seeing them. Ian is anti-covid vaccinations. Even after going through it once. I've tried to convince him to get a vaccination for my benefit. I'm an old fart. I'm high risk. If he gives me COVID and I die,   he'll feel guilty. There is a strong possibility he has no concept of the meaning of guilt. Which could be a good thing. It could mean he's never done anything bad enough—that I know about—to feel guilty. As his mother, I refuse to contemplate the alternative meaning of a guilt free mind. To test positive today, he was probably a carrier last week. I have seen him briefly during doggie drop offs and pickups th

Decaffeinated Canine

  It's 103 degrees outside, and I'm searching the net for a cup warmer. Time to switch from coffee to tea for the rest of the day. August is approaching astronomically fast. Time flies whether you're having fun or not. I have definitely been having fun during my Birthday Month. My favorite, fantastic friends have treated me to lunches, diners, movies, and all kinds of gatherings. There's been Tiramisu, Bread Pudding, Ice Cream, and lots and lots of prezzies. His Majesty, King Midas, is being a lazy, lazy dog, watching me write between his naps. He hasn't been eating well for about a week. I'd like to blame the heat, but he naps in front of the AC six hours a day.  Ian is taking him to the puppy doctor tomorrow.