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Hugo, No Go

There has been a lot of backlash, bitching, and bulling over the 2015 Hugo Award Nominations.  I am so sad over this whole Sad Puppy shit.  Frankly, my dears, I don't give a damn about an author's politics. If I am offended by their writing, I will not continue to purchase said writing. No one forces anyone to read anything that offends them.  No author should encourage censorship.  I don't know if the nominations were fair, on the up and up, or deserve a big boo from the peanut gallery. I do know they got a couple of the nominations right.  Congratulations to a few fellows I know personally, like profoundly, and admire professionally:   Jim Butcher, Lou Antonelli, Mike Resnick, Jim Minz, and Brad W. Foster.  Y'all rock! Good luck! My favorite nominations for the 2015 Hugo Awards: Best Novel: Skin Game , Jim Butcher (Orbit UK/Roc Books) Best Short Story: “On A Spiritual Plain” , Lou Antonelli ( Sci Phi Journal #2 , 11-201