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So Proud of My Son

           On September 30, 2022, my son, Ian Kennedy, opened his business, Naughty Axes Playhouse , at 4407 SE 29 th Street, in Del City, Ok. I'm so proud of him. The place looks great. Especially when it was all decked out for Halloween. He and his partners built all the targets, lanes, and remolded the interior of the building themselves. They did a great job. I didn't even realize my son knew how to use a hammer for anything other than demolition. I had such a great time during their Grand Opening. Throwing sharp objects at stationary targets is really a fantastic way to relieve stress. It's great exercise. Especially for tightening up those flabby underarms. I am bound and determined to become efficient enough to enter a tournament. Wonder if they have a Senior's division in pro axe throwing competitions? Not only is he starting his own axe throwing business, he's also starting his career as a comedian. He's already performed at the Bricktown C