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Italian Aria

Dreamed I was in a musical. Which we all know I do not do, because I can't sing, and I don't dance. At the end of the third act, I  had this wonderful solo. I was allowed to speak my part instead of singing it. I followed an amazing tenor,  who sang an Italian Aria about a man who lost the love of his life. She had her heart ripped out, and was left alone, bleeding, and dying, in an ally, during a storm. As she took her final breath, he found her, cradled her in his arms, and pledged to avenge her death. As he exited stage right, I entered stage left. Same setting. Same ally. Still raining. His lover's blood still fresh and warm on the bricks. My solo was actually a beautiful, interpretive dance, to the same piece of music as the tenor's Italian Aria. I spoke different words in English. My song told the story of a woman, abandoned at birth, still searching for her mother. The Italian tenor returned. He accused me of being the one who killed his lover