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There is an article online about a man getting enraged when he discovered a 78 year old beggar driving away in a new car after accepting his donations. He was angry his hard earned money benefited someone driving a nicer car than he could afford. He complained he could have used that money to put gasoline in his own car to get him to work. (Like he had to walk to work because he gave away his gas money). It’s easy to understand his frustration. We all work hard for our money. No one wants to see someone else spending their hard earned money on something they could never afford to purchase for themselves. No one wants to give anything to someone that doesn’t really need it. On the other hand, panhandling is hard work. Those poor people suffer 100 plus degrees standing outside in the heat all summer. They endure long, cold, wet winters collecting only a few dollars an hour. They swallow their pride and sell their dignity for unreliable income. They are dependent upon the ki