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Speech to Text

I have this love-hate relationship with my speech-to-text programs. I've tried several free programs. I bought Dragon Naturally Speaking for the computer. It's expensive, has a lot of commands, and is reasonably easy to navigate. Honestly, most of the free StT programs seem to work as well as the expensive ones. The free speech to text provided on my phone is more accurate than the free one on my computer. The text I speak into the computer is not always the text that appears on the page. Sometimes, I just want to shout, "Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?" Sometimes, the computer's translations of the words coming out of my mouth are more interesting. The phone's StT program usually types exactly what I say. Unfortunately, the microphone goes off every time I pause for longer than 5 seconds. The phone speech to text doesn't recognize commands for quotation marks. In fact, it doesn't recognize any commands other