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Write More, Blog More

In January I promised to Write More, Blog More. As you can see I’ve failed to fulfill that commitment.                        However I have been busy writing, traveling, appearing at conventions, and getting back into the work of living. There is an all absorbing darkness in grief that hides the light of the life left behind. The path toward the light, like a drowning victim’s struggle toward the surface, is fraught with fear and pain. Fortunately the chances of survival are greater. My first glimpses of light peeked over the horizon the last week of March with ten, almost always, sunny days in Daytona Beach.   I didn’t have as much time on the sand by the sea as I wanted. I love the ocean so much that I ventured to the beach during a thunderstorm severe enough beach patrol turned visitors away. I even managed to squeeze in a trip to NAS A .   B ack in Oklahoma I devoted April to polishing entries for the OWFI Conference ,  in Oklahoma City, the