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A Simple Way To Prevent Voter Fraud

Recently I saw an article implying that millions of absentee votes were received from deceased voters.

Whether or not we take the shouts of voter fraud seriously, there is definitely a need for debate on methods of preventing future fraud.

One of the simplest methods of preventing fraud could be fingerprinting.

Why not require a fingerprint at the polls, on voter registration cards, and on absentee ballot forms?

I'm not saying we should have to include fingerprints on the ballot. Everyone wants to protect their identities, and the 'sacred secrecy' of their vote.

I'm saying we should require fingerprints as part of the identification process already required at the polls.

I've never voted with an absentee ballot, but I am certain there must be some sort of identification form that must be filed along with the ballot.

I'm certain right-wing extremists would scream it's unconstitutional to require fingerprints in order to cast a vote.


They already require at least one fingerprint for a driver's licenses, some check cashing, and entry into some buildings—especially government facilities. Why not on voter registration cards, at the polls, and on absentee ballots?

I suppose they could always use copied fingerprints of dead voters, and continue faking absentee ballots, but it certainly wouldn't be as easy as just putting a dead person's name and personal information on a form.

Perhaps they could require fingerprints in blood on absentee ballots.

It might be easy to photo copy fingerprints for future use. It might be a little harder to steal blood from people when they die. Hopefully a person would need to be alive to actually press their fingerprint into a drop of blood. (Let's not even consider the alternatives.)

Of course, then the government would have everyone's fingerprints, and DNA, on file.

I wish I could say that's only a threat to criminals, but we all know that's probably not true.  

Okay fingerprints in blood may be taking it a little too far. It's medieval and too suggestive of signing demonic contracts in blood.

Haven't we already signed a few too many contracts with evil politicians?

It might not be cost effective to implement a method of comparing fingerprints, but most of us already have fingerprints on file at the DMV. Maybe voter registration could piggyback off the DMV computers. 

Requiring a single fingerprint for voters at the polls, and on absentee ballots, could be one of the simplest methods of decreasing voter fraud.



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